Sunrise Swim Spa


Sunrise Spas Swim Spa SJE-1900dz

From £13,995. Heat pump and solar water heating options installed £795 to £4,995

The SJE-1900dz combines the best of both worlds with a swim spa and a family sized hydrotherapy spa all in one!

Go for a workout in the swim spa and cool down in the hydrotherapy spa with the JetSwim SJE-1900dz.
Features six cascading lighted water spouts, 20 points underwater lighting, two main lights, two headrests, an ozone system and two 3 Hp dual-speed jet pumps, two 4.5 Hp single-speed jet pumps and one 3.5 Hp single-speed jet pump powering the 6 swim jets and 41 hydrotherapy jets.

Dimensions 227" x 92" x 55 5/8"
579cm x 232cm x 140cm
Water Capacity 9,179 Litres / 2,425 US Gallons
Jets 6 Swim Jets
Swim Side: 12 Hydrotherapy Jets
Spa Side: 29 Hydrotherapy Jets
Swim System Jetted
Filtration Swim Side: 50 sq ft
Spa Side: 50 sq ft
Heater Two 3 Kw
Jet Pumps Swim Side: One 1.75 Kw Dual-Speed
Swim Side: Two 2.27 Kw Single-Speed
Spa Side: One 1.75 Kw Dual-Speed
Spa Side: One 1.58 Kw Single-Speed
Electronic Controls Digital Control System
Dry Weight 2,475 lbs / 1,122 kg
Cover Thermal Cover System
Cabinet Synthetic Cabinetry
Structure Heavy Duty Support Structure
Cascading Lighted Water Spouts Standard
Under Water Lighting & Main Lighting Standard
Cabinet Sconces Perimeter Lighting Optional
Bluetooth Audio System Optional

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