Hot Tub Spas Help and FAQ's

About our Hot Tub Spas

The sculptured soft curves, deep seats, and stretch out legroom of our spas are more than just good ergonomics and style. The really clever stuff is hidden within the spa shell out of sight where our industry leading technology adds exceptional safety, strength, durability, and longevity to every spa we provide.

Microban® is an antibacterial material used extensively in plastic kitchenware such as cutting boards to guard against bacteria. It cannot be cleaned away and lasts for the life of the product, and it's also inside all our spas' acrylic shells for the same reason.

Beneath the top surface are 3 more layers of specially formulated high technology polymer coatings to stiffen and insulate each spa shell. This ground breaking system is so advanced it needs robots to apply it. This produces a super strong, eco neutral, bio degradable, totally safe hot tub shell that will protect both your investment and your family for many years into the future.

Anti-bacterial = better health for you and your family

Our Hot Tub Insulation...

Effective insulation is extremely important to keep running costs to a minimum. Our unique "Reflective Thermal Barrier" (RTB) insulation bounces waste heat back into the plumbing, whilst keeping out the colder outer air. We've even built this system into the spas' cover to reflect rising heat back into the water. This integrated system means our spas are exceptionally economical to own. Many spa manufacturers still use discredited spray foam insulation whilst a few even still mount the spa equipment actually outside the spa cabinet. These old legacy systems are outdated and expensive to run plus they damage our environment.

Anti-bacterial + fantastic insulation = cost savings and better health for you and your family

Heat loss from your Hot Tub...

The spa heatmap picture here is an infrared image. The persons' face is red, indicating a high heat loss, whilst the pastel green and blues of our spa indicate a very low heat loss as almost all the heat is kept inside the spa and cabinet.

NEW INNOVATION! More energy saving with the polyfoam insulation on spa floor and cabinet inside.


  • Very long lasting - constant Lambda value
  • Safe non-toxic, non allergen
  • No condensation
  • No bacteria, clean
  • Odourless material, no smell, no fogging
  • Flexible and light weight material
  • Saves resources, very good insulation properties
  • CFC free

Anti-bacterial + fantastic insulation + innovative technology and design = cost savings and better health...

Why our Spa shells are better...

  • Super quiet operation because the sound insulation is actually part of the shell - not just a sprayed on afterthought
  • Industry leading insulation properties, the entire shell system insulates so reducing energy costs and putting money back in your pocket. with one of the industry's best shell warranties
  • Eco friendly - Our shells are ultimately biodegradable and hazard neutral, we are proud of our lead in producing genuinely clean, green products from Canada's most modern hot tub factory

Reinforced ABS polymer floor pan

The floor pan is the foundation upon which our hot tubs are built. The sides extend 100mm upwards to form a moisture and insect proof barrier. It is completely covered with the RTB insulation to prevent valuable waste heat being drawn out by the "cold sink effect" of damp ground.

Shell supports

Special pillars support the spa shell and evenly distribute the bather load across our foundation spa base. These key components form the integrated build system of our hot tubs and ensure exceptional longevity and durability for your investment.

So our hot tubs offer quieter operation, reduced running costs and are more eco-friendly

The chemical equilibrium of the water

The water of the spa will be clean and clear if its' chemical components are in equilibrium...

1. pH-value

The first important indicator is the pH value of the water. pH is measured in a scale between 0-14 where 7 is the neutral value. Below this level the water is acidic, above it is alkaline. The pH value of the human eye is around 7.5, below 7.2 and above 7.8 the water will sting the eyes of the bather. Experiences have shown that most problems are caused by a too high pH value. An improper value reduces the effect of the disinfectant.

2. Water hardness

Water hardness is determined by the quantity of calcium and magnesium salts dissolved in the water.

Hard waters contain too much of these dissolved salts and thus, left alone, scale will form. Scale can cause significant damage both to the walls of the spa, to the piping, filter and to the heating and engineering units. In the UK water is mainly hard.

Water hardness cannot be reduced by the addition of chemicals, but the formation of scale can be prevented.

3. Disinfection

Disinfectant is the chemical that eliminates or neutralises the micro-organisms (bacteria, algae, fungi, viruses) present in the water. Micro-organisms are small, microscopic organisms, which cannot be detected with the naked eye and are continuously getting into the water through rain, wind and the body of the bathers. If they are not eliminated they pass from one person to the other through the water (and may cause sickness or infection). Organic matter turns the water of the spa opaque and cloudy. Most often - as we are dealing with warm water spas - bromine or active oxygen is used.

4. Frothing

Froth is the smaller-bigger agglomeration of the bubbles and colloid contaminants found on the surface of the water. It is mostly caused by the mixing of the dirt, cosmetics, body care lotions etc that soak out of the human skin and the chemicals. It endangers the conservation of the aesthetic appearance and cleanliness of the water.

5. Water analysers

There are several different types of water analysers, which are mostly used to measure chemical and disinfectant effect. Chemical (pH); Disinfectant (Br, O3).

Tester types:

  • Box containing tablets and graduated measuring glass
  • Litmus paper indicators in a box

Chemicals should always be loaded into the filter housing.

Even with the most accurate disinfection after 2-3 months, the water quality is no longer good enough and should be replaced.

Hot Tub Spa Filtration

Our multi-stage filtering and conditioning system is designed to provide exceptionally high quality crystal clear bathing water. Our cartridge micro filter removes tiny particles that could cloud the water. We also include a high quality Ozonator for additional water quality. This device produces Ozone which when mixed with water is a powerful oxidant that helps to destroy bacteria, viruses, and algae that could be present in the water. In addition the microban antimicrobial material within the shell helps to shrug off contaminates and force them to be drawn into the filter.

Our hot tubs are equipped with a filter that provides cleaner water preventing the growth of bacteria, and thanks to our antibacterial acrylic you can relax in perfectly clean water, also preventing harmful microbes, thereby increasing the life of your product. Filters provide fresh, clean and clear water in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.


Problem Probable causes Solutions
Cloudy Water Dirty filters. Improper sanitization. Suspended particles/organic matter. Overused water. Clean filters. Shock spa with sanitizer. Add sanitizer. Adjust PH andl or alkalinity to recommended range. Run jet pump(s) and clean filters. Drain and refill the spa
Water Odour Excessive organics in water. Improper sanitization. Low PH level. Shock spa with sanitizer. Add sanitizer. Adjust PH or refill the spa.
Chlorine Odour Chloramines level too high. Low PH level. Shock spa with sanitizer.Adjust PH to recommended range.
Musty Odour Bacteria or algae growth. Shock spa with sanitizer id problem is visible or persistent drain, clean and refill the spa.
Organic build-up / scum ring around spa Build-up of oils and dirt. Wipe off scum with clean rag-if severe. Drain the spa. Use a spa surface cleaner to remove the scum, and refill the spa.
Algae Growth High PH level. Low sanitizer level. Shock spa with sanitizer and adjust PH level. Shock spa with sanitizer and maintain sanitizer level.
Eye irritation Low PH level. Low sanitizer level. Adjust PH level. Shock spa with sanitizer and maintain sanitizer level.
Skin irritation/rash Unsanitary water. Free chlorine level above 5ppm. Shock spa with sanitizer and maintain sanitizer level. Allow free chlorine level to drop below 5ppm before spa use.
Stains Total alkalinity and / or PH too low high iron or copper in source water Adjust total alkalinity and/or PH level. Use a metal deposit inhibitor.
Scale High calcium content in water-total alkalinity and PH level too high. Adjust total alkalinity and PH level. If scale requires removal, drain the spa, scrub off the scale, refill the spa and balance the water.
Entire spa is inoperative Power failure. GFCI tripped heater high-limit thermostat tripped. Check power source. Reset GFCI, call for service if not reset. Disconnect power for at least thirty second to reset heater high limit. If it will not reset check for clogged filters. If tripping continues, call for service.
Spa does not heat but jets and light operate (Ready, and power indicators are blinking). Integrated pressure switch open. Circulation pump thermal cut-off tripped. Check for cartridge filters. Integrated pressure switch will reset when the flow of water through the heater has been reetored. Call for eervice if the heater trips frequently. Check for cartridge filters or leaks in plumbing Disconnected power to the spa, allow circulation pump to cool. Circulation pump thermal cut off will reset when pump has cooled and power is reapplied. Call for service if circulation pump thermal cut-off trips frequently.
Jets weak or surging. Spa water level too low. Filters clogged. Air regulator is closed. Jet closed. Add water. Clean filters. Open air regulator. Open the jet.
Light inoperative. Light wiring or assembly is faulty. Replace light assembly.
Power indicator is blinking. (Entire spa inoperative) Heater high-limit thermostat tripped. Disconnect power for at least thirty seconds to reset heater high limit. If it will not reset, check for clogged filters. If tripping continues, call for service.
Ready indicator blinking. Temperature sensor problem. Disconnect power for at least thirty seconds. If blinking continues, call for service.

Hot Tub Delivery

SBS Hot Tubs UK Delivery

All hot tubs are delivered from our SBS Spas warehouse in Ringwood, Hampshire. Our delivery crews collect from the SBS warehouse and deliver to Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Sussex, Somerset, Wiltshire, and Surrey. Do contact us to find out more.

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